Congratulations Dr. John A. Vanchiere for being named the 2020 Charles M. Vanchiere Child Advocacy Award recipient. This award is given to recognize special efforts to improve the health of children in Louisiana by increasing their access to needed health care. Dr. Joseph Bocchini, Jr. nominated Dr. Vanchiere for this award. Dr. Vanchiere is a two-time recipient of this award first receiving the award in 2017.

Dr. Charles M. “Buzzy” Vanchiere was a private pediatrician in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for nearly 30 years. A tireless advocate for children’s services. He pushed the private sector to accept Medicaid patients when the state first allowed them to bill for screening and diagnostic services. He was president of the LA Chapter of AAP at the time that the federal State Child Health Insurance Legislation was enacted, and he was a major force in assuring that Louisiana took advantage of this new opportunity to cover children. Dr. Charles Vanchiere died in 2000 at the young age of 60, and the Chapter established this award in his name to honor outstanding child advocates.

Dr. John Vanchiere is the son of the late Dr. Charles M. “Buzzy” Vanchiere. Like his father Dr. John Vanchiere has held many leadership roles including serving on the Executive Committee of the Chapter for the last several years. Dr. John Vanchiere has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the children of Louisiana. He has been a voice for children in his community and at the state and national level always working to improve children’s access to health services. He has represented the pediatric voice on countless committees, taskforces and has become a respected expert with state policy makers and state department leaders. Dr. John Vanchiere has been a voice of reason and science and has provided testimony to during the legislative session.

Dr. John Vanchiere was joined during his acceptance by Dr. Joseph Bocchini, Jr. and his mother Donna Vanchiere. Donna described her son by saying “I have never known you to fail and I know that can be a heavy burden.” She went on to say Dr. Vanchiere has “an inborn ability to draw out of your students and colleagues what is best in them.”

Dr. John Vanchiere described both his parents as incredible teachers, tremendous leaders and role models. During his acceptance he wanted to thank his parents, Dr. Bocchini and all of the people that have been a part of his past 15 years at LSU and in the Shreveport area. He described himself as a product of all of these people in so many different ways. Dr. Vanchiere asks himself everyday “what would “Buzzy” do?” which he says can always be a challenge. Both his parents taught him that doing the right thing is the right thing to do. Dr. Vanchiere described this concept by saying “we all might differ in our thoughts and opinions about what is that right thing, but we all make the decision every day and we go with it.” He ended his acceptance by giving recognition to his mother for being one of the first people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Lake Charles and being a role model for so many people.

Thank you Dr. John Vanchiere for your continued efforts within the state and for your commitment to children and advocacy!



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