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David W. Van Gelder distinguished Service Award—This award is to recognize and honor those rare and dedicated individuals who have contributed substantially to the advancement of the Chapter. (given bi-annually on odd numbered years)

Dr. David Van Gelder served as AAP President from 1976-77. During his tenure, the Academy finalized a voluntary continuing education and assessment program leading to recertification and energized efforts to develop child health planning at state and local levels. In addition, Dr. Van Gelder oversaw changes that were made within the Academy’s internal structure to increase efficiency and enhance services for members. He was a vocal advocate for creating a national immunization policy. Under his presidency, the Academy adopted a statement advocating such a policy.

2017 Diana Bienvenu, MD, FAAP
2015 Joseph Bocchini, MD, FAAP
2013 H. Jay Collinsworth, MD, FAAP
2011 Stewart Gordon, MD, FAAP
2009 Michael Judice, MD
2007 Keith Perrin, MD, FAAP
2006 Not Given
2004 Jean Takenaka
2002 John Lewy, MD, FAAP
2000 Louis Trachtman
1998 Gary Peck
1996 Bettina C. Hilman
1994 Wallace Dunlap, MD, FAAP
1992 Larry Hebert, MD
1990 David Van Gelder

Charles M Vanchiere Award—This award is given to recognize special efforts to improve the health of children in Louisiana by increasing their access to needed health care. (given annually)

Dr. Charles M. “Buzzy” Vanchiere was a private pediatrician in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for nearly 30 years, and a tireless advocate for children’s services. He pushed the private sector to accept Medicaid patients when the state first allowed them to bill for screening and diagnostic services. He was president of the LA Chapter of AAP at the time that the federal State Child Health Insurance Legislation was enacted and he was a major force in assuring that Louisiana took advantage of this new opportunity to cover children. He served on medical committees in his parish, in the state and for the American Academy of Pediatrics. He organized and led the Pediatric Society of Southwest Louisiana and the LSU Pediatric Alumni Association. He chaired the Pediatric Advisory Committee for Medicaid and was a member of the Blue Cross Physician Executive Committee. He was also active in the “Children’s Miracle Network” and received it “Miracle Makers” award in 1995 for outstanding service to that program. Dr. Vanchiere died in the year 2000 at the young age of 60 and the Chapter established this award in his name to honor outstanding child advocates.

2020 John A. Vanchiere, MD, PhD, FAAP
2019 not given
2018 Eduardo Hernandez, MD
2017 John A. Vanchiere, MD, FAAP
2016 Ann Kay Lobargo, MD, FAAP
2015 Donald Mack, MD, FAAP
2011 Steven Bienvenu, MD, FAAP
2010 Jimmy Guidry, MD
2009 Steven Spedale, MD
2008 J. Ruth Kennedy and Kay Gaudet
2007 Geoffrey Nagle, PhD, MPH, LCSW
2006 William Gill, MD and Joan Wightkin, PhD
2005 Gov. Kathleen Blanco
2004 Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu
2003 Sen. John T. “Tom” Schedler
2002 David Hood*
2000 Rep. Shirley Bowler

Elizabeth E. Cassinelli Award—This award is given in recognition of special efforts relevant to women’s careers in pediatrics-at academic institutions, as basic scientist or clinicians, and in the private sector. (given bi-annually on odd numbered years)

Dr. Libby Cassinelli was a general pediatrician who spent her career in Shreveport/Bossier City. She was in private practice, then worked at Barksdale AFB where she practiced until her retirement, and closed her career at the LSU Med School in Shreveport. During her career, she organized the NW LA Pediatric Society, served in every office, and personally arranged up to 4 lectureships annually for the members. She worked in the community for children’s services and was well known for her advocacy for women in medicine.

2017 Bonnie Desselle, MD, FAAP
2015 Martha Pope, MD, FAAP
2013 Sue Berry, MD, FAAP
2011 Jane El-Dahr, MD, FAAP
2009 Barbara Golden, MD
2007 Henrynne A. Louden, MD
2005 Katherine M. Knight, MD
2003 Carolyn Duncan, MD, FAAP
2000 Bettina Hilman
1998 A. Joanne Gates
1996 Sheila Moore

Outstanding Pediatric Society—This award recognizes the president of the regional society for the society’s outstanding programs or accomplishments. (given bi-annually on odd numbered years)

2017 Northwest Pediatric Society
2015 Northwestern Pediatric Society
2013 Northwestern Pediatric Society
2011 Baton Rouge Pediatric Society
2009 Acadiana
2007 Acadiana
2005 Greater New Orleans Pediatric Society
2003 Acadiana
2000 Baton Rouge
1998 Not Given
1996 Greater New Orleans Pediatric Society
1994 Greater New Orleans Pediatric Society
1992 Greater New Orleans Pediatric Society
1990 Northeast

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