A Message from AAP CEO Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAP

Today in Cleveland, Republican Party leaders are gathering for their 2016 National Convention, where they will select their nominee for President of the United States. Beginning July 25, the Democratic Party will hold their own convention and select their candidate.

As we watch these events unfold, we’re reminded of the importance of voting, and through doing so, representing the needs of our patients who can’t vote themselves.

To ensure that children’s needs are prioritized this election, the American Academy of Pediatrics has launched a Get Out the Vote campaign that centers around one simple message: #VoteKids.
Through the #VoteKids campaign, we hope to send a message to our elected leaders that children are our future and they deserve to be prioritized.

Our goal with the campaign is to be the voice for children this election, and we need your help. As part of the #VoteKids campaign, we encourage you to:

  • Update your social media profile picture starting today through the November election to show others that you #VoteKids. Visit our Twibbon page to download your profile photo with a #VoteKids banner overlay.
  • Visit our campaign portal aap.org/votekids to access #VoteKids campaign resources, learn how to register to vote, and read about the Democratic and Republican party platforms once they are unveiled.
  • Tweet and post to Facebook about why it’s important to #VoteKids. Our social media toolkit includes example messages that you can use to spread the word.
  • Stay tuned for additional updates from me – and other AAP staff – regarding #VoteKids activities taking place between now and Election Day on November 8.

Children can’t vote, but we can. Casting a ballot with children in mind is a small act that can make a big difference in the future of our children and our country. This November, #VoteKids and help us encourage others to do the same.

Thank you for your advocacy and all you do for children every day.

Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAP
Executive Director/CEO
American Academy of Pediatrics

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