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Immunization Resource Guide

Immunization Schedules

The schedules of recommended vaccinations for all age groups are offered in several printable versions as well as an interactive tool and as a downloadable application for smartphone.

Vaccine administration

Guidelines, screening CHECK LIST questions and checklists for your patients, reference tables on contraindications and precautions, and comforting technique tools are available.

1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)

CDC-INFO is CDC’s National Contact Center. It is your single source for accurate, timely, consistent, and science-based information on a wide variety of disease prevention and health promotion topics, including immunization.

Vaccine Refusal Resources

LINKS Reminder Recall

Although immunizations are the most effective defense against vaccine preventable diseases, many children in Louisiana are under-immunized. Barriers to immunization have been well-studied and include anti-vaccination sentiments, difficulty accessing a healthcare provider to provide immunization, public perception of a lack of endorsement by physicians, and, for non-publicly funded vaccines, cost. However, one of the most commonly cited reasons for low coverage are parents being unaware that one or more vaccines are due or overdue.

To address this prevalent issue, reminder-recall (RR) systems have been developed to improve vaccine coverage, both to remind individuals of upcoming immunizations and to recall those for whom immunizations are overdue. Studies show that the use of RR systems can increase vaccine coverage rates by 5-20%.

Many children in Louisiana are under-immunized, leaving the potential for serious illnesses and outbreaks of disease. We hope you understand and value this vital service to parents that reminds them and engages them in preventive healthcare for their children by ensuring they are aware of due and over-due vaccinations…

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