DATE:    September 17, 2018
TO:        Vaccines for Children Providers
FROM:   Stacy Hall, RN MSN, Immunization Program Director
Adrienne Mercadel Whitney, MPH,  Vaccine Procurement & Distribution Manager


The vaccine allotment for Louisiana is available in incremental amounts. Increased amounts of vaccine will become available over the next few months. Order what you need for the month (not for the whole season) and then reorder once a month.

As vaccine quantities are limited, you may receive only a portion of your monthly order based on your pro-rata share of the quantities available for the State. Providers should plan to use this “once a month” ordering system until we advise you that vaccine supply has become more plentiful.

We will be offering FluMist (LAIV4) in limited doses this season. Doses will not be available until late September/October through November.

Vaccines for Children providers are encouraged to begin vaccinating their children immediately upon receipt of vaccine. No preference is expressed for any influenza vaccine product by the CDC or the Louisiana Immunization Program. Your collaboration and understanding is appreciated. Please share this information. Inquiries may be directed to the Immunization Program at 504-568-2600. Thank you!

Please be advised that we have limited amounts of:
Brand Name Manufacturer Age Specification Record in LINKS as
Fluzone (IIV4) Sanofi Pasteur 6-35 months Influenza, injectable, quadrivalent, preservative free, pediatric  (Fluzone 6-35 mos)
Fluzone (IIV4) Sanofi Pasteur 3 yrs -18 yrs Influenza inj quadrivalent pres free 36+ mos
FluLaval (IIV4) Glaxo-SmithKline 6 months-18 yrs Influenza, injectable, quadrivalent, preservative free
Fluarix (IIV4) Glaxo-SmithKline 3 yrs – 18 yrs Influenza inj quadrivalent pres free 36+ mos

*All presentations are pre-filled syringes*

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