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Vaccination Information


Louisiana Department of Health – Vaccination Schedule

This document provides information regarding proper timing for vaccinations. It is published by the Louisiana Department of Health and is reviewed and updated annually. To download, click here.

Meningitis Requirements

Since 2016, Louisiana law has required that students who are 16 years of age have a second dose of Meningoccocal Meningitis vaccine. To view a complete copy of the revised statute in Louisiana law, click here

LHSAA Medical History Evaluation Form

This form is required for participation in LHSAA Athletics. It must be completed annually and kept on file at the athlete’s school. Download the form HERE. For questions about LHSAA medical history form, visit

Vaccination Maps

Curious about vaccinations across the US? The AAP has created an interactive vaccination map that allows parents, providers, and other interested groups to learn more about vaccination trends in each state. Click here to explore this helpful resource!

Helpful Resources 

For a full list of trusted sources of information related to vaccines, look at theVBYG homepage.

Vaccine Myths:

There are many common misconceptions about vaccinations. Check out this page from the Louisiana Vaccine Alliance which gives some of the facts about vaccines.

Evaluating Online Resources:
Questions You Should Ask:
Who manages this information?
The person or group that has published health information online should be identified on the website.

Who is paying to promote the information and what is their motivation?
You should be able to find this in the “About Us” section.

What is the original source of the online information?
If the information was originally published in another source such as a research journal or a book, it should be identified so you can find the original source.

How is information reviewed before it gets posted?
Most health information publications have someone with medical or research credentials (e.g., someone who has earned an MD, DO, or PhD) review the information before it gets posted, to make sure it is correct. This information should be noted on the website.

How current is the information?
Online health information sources should display a date when the information was posted or last reviewed.

If they are asking for personal information, how will they use that information and how will they protect your privacy?
This is very important. Do not share personal information until you understand the policies under which it will be used and you are comfortable with any risk involved in sharing your information online.

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