MOC 2 Questions

The ABP requires that activities seeking ABP MOC Part 2 credit meet additional expectations about learner assessment. To qualify for ABP MOC Part 2 credit, the Louisiana AAP implements a posttest to attendees seeking MOC Part 2 credit and ensures the following expectations are met: I. Learner Assessment - All activities seeking ABP MOC Part 2 credit must include a comprehensive assessment component that evaluates and documents individual changes to learner knowledge and/or skill through activity engagement. Assessment methods and justifiable passing standards are determined by the LA AAP and are relevant to the activity and speaker learner objectives. II. Feedback - All activities include individualized feedback to participants, identifying individual learner results with rationales for correct answers or attainment of applicable skill(s), and relevant citations where appropriate. Please provide three (3) medical knowledge questions and include four (4) answer options, the correct answer choice, the rationale for the correct answer and relevant citations. Please note: The answer option “None of the above” is not allowed as a correct answer choice.


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