LA AAP issues press statement supporting and emphasizing the safety and importance of vaccines for Louisiana’s children.

September 17, 2015

Following the American Academy’s statement today reacting to statements made in last night’s presidental debate, the Louisiana Chapter of the AAP issued its own statement supporting the Academy’s position on the importance of vaccines for children.


LA Chapter of AAP Emphasizes Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines

For Immediate Release: September 17, 2015
Contacts: Joseph Bocchini, Jr., MD, FAAP (318.675.6081) Bryan Sibley, MD, FAAP, LA AAP President (337.289.0042 |

vaccines-01Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement to correct false statements about vaccines made during the Republican presidential debate last night. AAP Executive Director Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH,FAAP reiterated the safety and importance of vaccines.

“Claims that vaccines are linked to autism, or are unsafe when administered according to the recommended schedule, have been disproven by a robust body of medical literature. It is dangerous to public health to suggest otherwise,” Dr. Remley said.
The Louisiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics echoes this message. The mission of the chapter is to be advocates for the health and wellbeing of all Louisiana children, and vaccines play a crucial role in protecting our children from deadly diseases.

The good news is most families follow the recommended schedule of vaccines. In Louisiana, 73.2 percent of 19- to 36-month-olds are vaccinated as recommended. This places Louisiana alongside or ahead of neighboring states in the region. Pediatricians are working to improve these rates, but that work is made all the more difficult when politicians speak out about vaccines in an inaccurate and misinformed way.

“Considering the harm these comments could cause to children throughout the world, it is inconceivable they came from a US Presidential candidate,” said Bryan Sibley, MD, FAAP, Louisiana Chapter President.

The Louisiana Chapter of the American Academy of pediatrics an organizations representing nearly 800 pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists in Louisiana.

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New Orlean’s Children’s Hospital adds their support.

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