Thank you for agreeing to speak at the 2023 Crescent City Potpourri.

Speaker Forms

Disclosure Form

Biography Form


Hotel Date Form – Due July 17

Presentation Submission Form – Due August 7

MOC2 Question Form – Due August 7

Activity Planning Workbook


Other Information

If you have not yet, please be sure to integrate these three required slides into your presentation:

  1. Disclosures – either before or immediately after the title slide
  2. Objectives
  3. Q&A slide at the end for sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

In accordance with ACCME and TMA guidelines, we ask that you avoid all use of logos and trade names in your presentation. Other presentation guidance can be found at

Final presentations are due on Tuesday, August 15th and can be sent via email to or at

If you are planning to include Slido Questions in your presentation, please email me the question(s) and include a slide indicating where the question(s) will go in your presentation.

Q&A will be moderated by a member of the education committee. Please refer to your email for specific information about Q&A for your session

You can see the full agenda for the conference at:

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