FROM: Stacy Hall, RN MSN | DHH-OPH Immunization Program Director
Adrienne M. Whitney, MPH | Vaccines Procurement & Distribution Manager

Subject: New Address and Vaccine Storage

This letter is to inform you that the Louisiana Office of Public Health Immunization Program has moved to a new location.  All inquiries should be forwarded to the new address effective immediately.

SUITE 1938
(504) 838-5300
(504)838-5206 FAX
The Immunization Program no longer will be able to be used as a facility of last resort to store vaccine during a hurricane or weather emergency.  Please remember to review your vaccine emergency storage planning. In accordance with the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Provider Agreement Emergency Vaccine Management Plan, an emergency storage plan is required of all VFC providers.  This pre-planning is necessary to ensure proper vaccine storage in the event of a power failure.

Your close attention to this request helps us save millions of dollars in vaccines currently held in statewide provider inventories, in the event of a hurricane-related emergency. Please help us prevent needless and unsustainable loss of vaccine by detailing a plan for vaccine management in your office in the event of a power failure.

This memorandum should be maintained for future reference and shared with your staff. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Region’s Immunization Consultant. A listing of the Immunization Consultants by name with contact information is available from the LINKS homepage at

Please contact the Immunization Program at 504-838-5300 if you have questions.  Thank you.

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