Help raise awareness in your communities on how to securely disposal of medication by promoting the launch of the MyOldMeds in Louisiana.

MyOldMeds is a socially-activated campaign that will work to spread awareness and education about the importance of secure drug disposal in our Louisiana communities.

We need your help to spread the word.


MyOldMeds Louisiana Hashtag: #SecureDisposalLA

Sample Facebook Posts:
We are proud to partner with MyOldMeds to help Louisiana residents dispose of unused medicine. Smart medication storage keeps kids and loved ones healthy and safe from accidental drug ingestion or overdoses. Learn easy ways to dispose of medication by visiting,

What if you could help curb drug addiction by following 4 simple steps? You can. Safe use starts in the home. Join us in disposing of unused medications in our communities today.

Have you tested your medication safety knowledge with the MyOldMeds quiz? Test your safety smarts and share (or compete!) with your friends.

Sample Tweets:
We are joining @MyOldMeds to help #Louisiana residents dispose of unused meds. Learn more today. #SecureDisposalLA

What if we could curb drug addiction by following 4 easy steps? We can. Join us and start today. #SecureDisposalLA

Have you tested your #MedsSafety knowledge w/ the @MyOldMeds quiz? Test your smarts #SecureDisposalLA

Please contact Courtney Cox at 850.224.0174 or with any questions.

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